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I am an adult video editor who is able to edit video using Premiere Pro and After Effects. I am from Kent in the UK, but thanks to the wonders of technology I am able to work for anybody in the world. I currently have clients in America and Canada. I enjoy creating adult video trailers, title sequences, as well as editing the full length movies. You can now also "Like" my Facebook page too Adult Video Editor

Friday, 28 October 2011

Good news for Android porn app searchers

Hi everyone.

I am slowly managing my workload to a stag where I can once again concentrate on making new Android Porn apps. 

I have found some beautiful new sologirls that I am looking forward to promoting on my porn apps. So please look out for them in the future.

I am joping to create new android porn apps for a couple of sexy Canadian sologirls - Bryci and Ava Dawn.

I'm hoping to get to work on these new sologirl android apps very soon.

Bye for now


Sunday, 9 October 2011

Android Porn Apps Update

Hi everyone.

I'm still trying to find out why I have been suspended from Android Market.  I have emailed them again asking for clarification, but I am still waiting for an answer.

I have been a little busy setting a new blog.  I think I have finished getting it to look the way I want it to look, so I now plan to post to it once or twice a day with fresh new content.

My new blog is Sexy Canadian Babes.  I plan to show the sexyiest Canadian models from the internet.  there are plenty of them out there!

I have also bought and I am just waiting for confirmation that it is registered in my name and then I can start building a blog for that site too.

I have not given up on building porn apps for android.  I just need to get other projects finished off and then I get back to making new android porn apps. 

All the best