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I am an adult video editor who is able to edit video using Premiere Pro and After Effects. I am from Kent in the UK, but thanks to the wonders of technology I am able to work for anybody in the world. I currently have clients in America and Canada. I enjoy creating adult video trailers, title sequences, as well as editing the full length movies. You can now also "Like" my Facebook page too Adult Video Editor

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

A Quick Update

I'm happy to announce that I have plenty of ideas rolling around in my head right now. Idea's for android porn apps that will keep me very busy. All I need to do is to win a bit of money on the lottery so I can leave my 9 to 5 office job and concentrate 100% on Android Porn Apps.

I've also just passed 250 followers on twitter, and getting a bit of feedback and interest in my idea's.

I now know that there are more and more adult android stores opening up on the internet, so I'm pretty sure the market has a growing demand, check out I think there will be more and more adult android app stores opening very soon.

Thats it for now, I'm off to the sofa with a note book and pen sketching out my latest idea and then pinning it on my notice board.  I need to get the idea's on paper before they get super-seeded by another idea.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Time to Test my Pornstar Android App

This weekend I aim to have a working a bridged version of my pornstar android app.  Unfortunately there has been a delay in testing due to not being able to have my Samsung Galaxy S2 available until next week, but this weekend I will have the opportunity to test my app on a friends android phone.

I will be looking to see how long it take to load, how easy my friend can navigate through the different pornstars and whether the buttons are big enough to hit with a finger.  I'll also be able to consider whether it would be a good idea to add any sound at all.  I have made the buttons change colour when they are hit.

So hopefully I will be satified with my work so far, and will be able to progress and continue to add as many pornstar profiles as possible. 

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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Good Times ahead for Adult Android Apps?

I just about remember the days before the Internet.  I remember my school getting its very first computer, a BBC Micro.  I remember getting my very first CD, Bat out of Hell 2 by Meatloaf, and I remember coding my first web site using Notepad. 

I am getting that same first time experience when I am designing and building porn apps for android.  I have a feeling that adult apps for Android will take off just the same way as porn did on the Internet.  I think it is safe to say that one of the Internets biggest winners are people who got into the adult Internet industry from the very beginning and kept on developing their business as technology progressed.  The days of a 28 kbps modem and waiting for a photo to appear on your screen are gone and now any porn site that wants to compete must have HD movies, live web cams and constant daily updates AND doing all at the minimal monthly membership price.

I see the mobile porn business going the same way.  Technology progresses.  Evolving at a rapid pace!  I thin faster that the PC/Laptop technology.  Wireless Internet connection is getting better and better.  The only limitations I see at the moment that are slowing everything down is battery life.  Battery technology is not able to catch up. 

So what about porn apps on android.  The ability to interact "live" with porn stars is already here.  So where next?...  Is it about short term small apps that are fun to use for a couple of days, or is there a bigger picture somewhere?  Do I spend a long time developing a big app that by the time its ready to publish is already out of date, or do I make quick simple apps that are downloaded and dumped within hours?

Right now I'm doing both.  I have plenty of little ideas, and one big idea.  Its just trying to balance the time between spending time on each project that is the difficult thing.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

2nd Screenshot - Minor Changes

Well just as I predicted, I have made some changes to the first screen shot.  I've decided to loose the written biography to make way for more photos, which I believe most users of this android porn app will rather.

I'v added a couple of different vital statistics, and for the advice of Nina Mercedez, I have removed the DOB stat.

I'm now gtting back to work on the splash screen and then the main menu screen tonight.  I need to have more hours in the day!  I've suddenly realised how long it takes to create each individual pornstar page!

I just want to get it published and downloadable and to get feedback.

Friday, 20 May 2011

Android Porn App Screenshot

Well as promised, I've uploaded a screenshot of what I have been working on tonight.  This is a screenshot of a pornstar template page.  I would like to be able to also add pornstar videos with each page but I need to do a bit more research on this first as I am concious of the download file size.

The pornstar photos at the bottom will open the larger verson of the photos when it is pressed.

I need to be able to add my blog link and twitter link.

It's not a finished item yet and I'm sure it will probably change a few times before its ready to be published.

I'm now working on the front splash screen and then onto the main menu.

Time to Prove myself

OK.  Tonight will be an all out attack to get some screenshots ready to put on this blog.  I've been bleeting on about publishing pornstar apps, so I'd better put my money where my mouth is.  So I'll start getting some of my ideas from paper to the computer and see how they look on the Android Emulator (still waiting to get my Samsung Galaxy S2, Orange have not got in the shops yet!).

So I have Flash CS5 open and a few designs ready to play with. 

I just need to decide on which pornstar to use as my template.  Time to put a few tweets out there and see who bits.

Bye for now.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Busy Bee Tonight

I'm researching for my first app.  Trying to get information from as many pornstars as I possibly can.  The wonders of Twitter have been a great help and I have had great feed-back so far from 21 pornstars.

The design process has been the hardest part so far.  I get so many idea's looding into my head, its not always easy to get them all down onto paper.  I've changed my mind about 6-7 times on the front screen tonight already!

Oh well...decisions, decisions!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Awesome....I've found an online Adult App Store

Through the wonders of social media I have found an online android app store called  They were kind enough to comment on my blog via a twitter tweet. 

At least I now know that there are android app stores out their that will accept my future adult apps.

Initial Thoughts

I've been kicking around with some ideas for the first project to really get stuck into.  I'm pretty happy with my decision, but I'm not going to give too much away just yet as I dont want anybody to steal my idea! 
But where to start on such a project. 

This app will be huge.  But I need to make sure that the files size is not too big to put people off from downloading it.  The last thing I want to do is spend time and effort producing an app only to find that nobody downloads it at all.

There a few technical issues that I need to find out about, and make sure that I am able to produce the code to make it work.  I've got the knowledge to be able to design an app to a certain level, but I'm sure I will need to learn more to produce the best Android Apps that I can.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Pornstars I Would Love to Make Apps For

Well while I'm waiting for a few things to be upload and install, I thought I'd let you know who I would love to make Pornstar Android Apps for.

1.  Richelle Ryan.

I think Richelle Ryan absolutely ROCKS!!!  She has an outstanding body and a gorgeous face.  I'm a great lover of tits n ass and Richelle definately ticks those boxes.

Richelle is also excellent at replying to her fans through twitter, @RICHELLERYAN  She has also taken the time to reply to my interview via email too.  Richelle Ryan Interview

Dsigning an app for Richelle would be a dream, not just because she is HOT, but I'm sure she would like to be involved from start to finish from design to updating.

Check out Richelle Ryan Official Website

2.  Kagney Linn Karter

Kagney Linn Karter was one of the main reasons I became a Brazzers affiliate about 7-8 years ago.  As soon as I first saw her striking blonde hair and amazing boobs, I was hooked into her.

Im sure her army of fans would love to have their very own Kagney Linn Karter App on their Android device.  I know I would.

Whether or not Kagney is too famous for me to approach at the moment, remains to be seen.  I think I will have to gain a reputation for producing quality and usable Android Porn Apps before the likes of Kagney Linn Karter will on my client list!

But I can dream though....

I'll add more pornstars that I would love to design android apps for soon.  Got to go, new software has just finished installing.  Time to design....

Adult Apps for your Android Devices

Hi there.

I am designing adult apps or Android.  I love Android and I love working with porn, so this is a perfect idea for me.

I have been designing web sites for over 10 years, but I feel the next step for me is to progress to making applications.  I have already made some non adult apps (search for "gun sound effect board", or "Random Quiz Generator"), but now I want to keep working with porn at the sametime as working with Android.

I am currently using the new Samsung Galaxy S2 which I will be testing all my apps on before making them go live to the world..

I'll keep you informed of my new apps as soon as I publish them.