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I am an adult video editor who is able to edit video using Premiere Pro and After Effects. I am from Kent in the UK, but thanks to the wonders of technology I am able to work for anybody in the world. I currently have clients in America and Canada. I enjoy creating adult video trailers, title sequences, as well as editing the full length movies. You can now also "Like" my Facebook page too Adult Video Editor

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

New Laptop brings New Possibilities

I was given a surprise from the wife last night......she gave me a new laptop.  She bought a new laptop for herself to use, but after I explained that she has bought something that is more than capable of just browsing the internet and using Word for kids homework, she decided that I should use it as my work laptop.

Very generous.

I have spent 4 hours last night backing up my files to my external hard drive and then reformatted my old laptop back to factory settings.  I will miss my old Acer Ferrari - it was the top end spec 7 years ago, and still can just about run Adobe CS5, but only one program at a time.  I could not have Flash CS5 and photoshop open at the sametime.

So now it's onwards and upwards - time to be creative and get more Android Porn Apps online and ready for you to download.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

The Nina Mercedez Puzzle App

I've just published Nina Mercedez Puzzle app.  50 photo of this super hot latina with the porfect body.  Great tits and ass!!  50 randon Nina Mercedez photos for you to rearrange to to reval her hot body!  I LOVED MAKING THIS APP!!!


A misunderstanding?? and a New Android Porn App

I'm sad to say that my Whose Boobs are These android porn app was takn down from Mikandi app store last week.  They had a take down order from Brazzers.  I'm hoping that there is a misunderstanding from Brazzers.  Whos Boobs are These actually promotes Brazzers web sites.  I'm hoping that they have not realised that and will let me continue to publish Whose Boobs are These.  I was hoping to develop that app to make it bigger and more interactive than it already is.  I have emailed both Brazzers and Mikandi to explain, but I have yet to hear from either parties.  I have the upmost respect for Brazzers and have really enjoyed promoting their sites for 6 years.

Anyway, I have got PERMISSION from the gorgeous Nina Mercedez to start work on an Android App using her photos and promoting her site.  This app should be ready very soon.

Bye for now.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Underwear Women Coming to the Android Market

I'm going to have ago at publishing a non nude android app onto the android market.  I am carefully selecting lots of sexy photos of hot women wearing sexy underwear or sexy clothes.  I don't want to get banned from Android Market already so I have to be careful not to show any nipples or pubic hair!

So far I have four FREE apps on the adult app store and in total have been downloaded over 500 times.  Had a few good reviews and good star ratings.  I will be working on a Delux version Whose Boobs are These as my next project after Non Nude app is published.

Bye for now.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Who's Boobs Are These - Now FREE

After concidering my learning experience, I have decided to make Who's Boobs are These  - a free android porn app to download.  I think I was a bit to eager to get an android porn app out there and I may of rushed into it a little bit.  I've realised that I can make this app much better by spending more time adding mor photos, sound, maybe some music, and make the background a little better.

I will take my time to make Who's Boobs are These version 2 alot better

Download Who's Boobs are These FREE now.

Harcore Puzzle Game Published Now.

As promised, I have made a Hardcore Porn version of my Android Porn App. 

This one I feel is the most difficult to complete out of the three other versions.  I have alot of fun picking and choosing which hard photos to include in this version.

It has photos of blowjobs, anal sex, rough sex, doggy-style and loads more other photos that should keep you happy for a while.

You can Download Hardcore Puzzles Now

Sunday, 19 June 2011

An Android Porn App for MILF Lovers

I have now published my 2nd FREE Android Porn app.  This is a puzzle app featuring 50 sexy MILF photos.

If you love MILF then you will love this addictive puzzle app.  50 Random puzzles to solve, simple yet addictive.

High quality photos make this a perfect time waster when you are waiting for friends or waiting for the bus or train.

I will be starting work on a Hardcore Porn version of this game very soon.

I also plan to make a Sexy Non Nude version to release on the mainstream Android Market.

Download MILF Puzzles Android App here

Saturday, 18 June 2011

My First FREE Android Porn App

I've made a simple yet addictive Sexy Babe Puzzle game for Android Devices.  It is available to download for free.  It features 50 of my favourite pornstar photos.

I'm hoping that I will get a bit of feedback from this one as it is free to download.  I plan to develop the code and produce different versions of this game very soon.  I think I will do a MILF version and also a hardcore version too.  Blowjob and anal versions are also being considered too.

You can download my FREE Android Porn Puzzle Game now.

Unbelievably SEXY - Madison Ivy

I am currently working on a new Android Porn App, and as I was browsing through some new photos, I came across this STUNNING photo of the amazing Madison Ivy.  I just thought I would share it with everybody.

I've now got 5 new android porn apps to work on.  I just wish I had more hours in the day.  Trying to juggle a full-time job, thre kids and a wife is difficult enough without wanting to publish as many anroid apps as possible.

I will kp you upto date with any new android apps that I publish over the next few weeks.

WHOSE BOOBS ARE THESE is still downloadable straight to your android devise by clicking here.

Bye for now and enjoy this photo of Madison Ivy.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

New Projects

After publishing my first android porn app - Whose Boobs are These, I have now started work on an android porn video app.  To be honest, its not the most original porn app that I could make, but its more of a learning exercise really.  I think that once I have learnt how to get video to stream to an android via the web, then I can progress to evolve the concept into interactive android video apps.  This new app will be free to download as well.

My Whose Boobs are These App is now published and listed on the excellent MIKANDI Adult Android App Store

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Whose Boobs Are These ?

Well, after weeks of learning, researching, cropping, sharpening, resizing, coding, testing, correcting, more correcting - I have finally published my very first Android Porn App!!  *sigh of huge relief*

Whose Boobs Are These ? - is an easy to play and highly addictive guessing game.  You just have to match the tits with which pornstar they belong to.

45 Pornstars appear altogether, and each time you play it is different.  It was trying to create code that took sooo much time.  Every time I thought I had got it to work, another error appeared out of nowhere.  I spent some long nights going over and over the same lines of code to finally get it to work.

But to be honest, I really enjoyed the challenge and I really feel as though I have achieved something.  Of course, it does help when I'm working on photos of some of the sexiest pornstars on the planet.  This Android Porn App features blonde's, brunettes, and red heads, but all have great tits and ass!

At the moment I have submitted Whose Boobs Are These to two adult app store that I have found through Twitter.  Adult App Mart has already listed the game for me and I am waiting for Mikandi to approve it for me before they will list it.

I have decided to charge $0.99 for each download.  The reason is simple - I NEED A NEW COMPUTER.  I'm currently working on a 6 year old laptop that has done wonders for me, but it is slowly starting to fall apart.  The "E" key does not work property and it does get very hot when I am multi-tasking.  Also to use the latest software available for designing needs up to date hardware.  So if I want to progress in this area, I need to invest in new equipment.  With a wife and 4 kids to think about first, it is difficult to save up any spare money at the moment.

So if you want to download my WHOSE BOOBS ARE THESE android app, the link is below:

Whose Boobs are these

I've already got plans for my next 3 apps so there is plenty to keep me busy for a while.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

The Basics Are Working - Time To Finish it Off

I happy to announce that the backbone of my first android Porn App is working nicely after a few long nights of research, forum posting and YouTube tutorial watching.  But after working until 4am on Monday night and then until 330am last night, I've at last got a working app that I can now spend a few days on to get ready for publishing.

I'm still aiming to publish it on Friday.  Watch this space!

Monday, 6 June 2011

God Bless the Internet

I've really made progress tonight on my first Adult App or Android.  I have had to get to grips with Action Script 3 in Flash CS5.  I've got experience coding with Action Script 2, but alot of my knowledge is no use in AS3.

However, through the many wonders of the Internet, I have been able to over come the problems I have encountered so far.  I don't want to give too much away just yet, but I have just got the scoring system to work through a combination of google searches, help forums and YouTube. 

I have found it immensely rewarding, stitching together different pieces of code and advice to custom build my scoring system.  I could not find a total solution to what I wanted to do, but I got there in the end.

OK, so I've got to edit more photos and work on a piece of random picking code and I think, I will be ready to release on Friday.  Fingers crossed!!

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Testing on My Galaxy S2 Looks Amazing

I am delighted to announce that I have just been testing the first trials of my first android porn app on my Galaxy S2.  IT was very easy to connect the Galaxy S2 to my laptop and let Flash CS5 install the app straight to the phone and play it within seconds.

The testing is one of the main reasons why I have taken so long in getting an adult android app out onto the market.  I used to have to use an emulator that took ages to boot and I could never actually be 100% certain that it would look good enough to publish.  But now with my new Galaxy S2 I can see almost immediately how the apps looks and runs.

So now its full steam ahead!!  Just got a few technical issues with the score keeping code to work on...

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Samsung Galaxy s2 is All Mine!

Just ran into town to get my Samsung Galaxy S2.  I have been waiting for four wks to get my hands on this beautiful phone.  I now have to work my ass off the justify paying the extra monthly tariff.  Wifey was not amused!  Android Porn Apps are on the way!

Android Porn App Dilemma

I'm in the middle of creating an app that I am sure will go down well with porn fans, especially fans of big boobs.  I'm loving creating it as I love big boobs.  I'm not fussy if they are fake or real either.

My dilemma is that I can see an easy way of creating sequels.  But I'm afraid that if I release this first app, somebody else will see the potential of developing the sequels before I get a chance.  But I really need to get an Android Porn App out on the Internet ASAP (next Friday) and I have talked the talk for too long now.  But should I hold on and make all the apps and release them at the same time???

But now as I write this, I know I have plenty of other ideas up my sleeve and Android is all about developing ideas as one big open community.  So I will get my first app up and running ASAP and wait and see if I get a chance to make the sequels myself.

Friday, 3 June 2011

Self-Imposed Deadlines

I've decided to give myself a deadline of next Friday to have my first app ready for downloading.  I think I have now done enough research and developement to get an Android Porn App up and running.  My big main project is still on going, but I have sketched another idea that I can produce within 7 days that I sure will be a hit with boob lovers everywhere.  It's a game that is quite simple but plenty of boobs on show to keep the user occupied, and plenty of scope to update with new versions. 

So hopefully by next friday I will be submitting my first android porn app to as many adult android app stores I can find.