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I am an adult video editor who is able to edit video using Premiere Pro and After Effects. I am from Kent in the UK, but thanks to the wonders of technology I am able to work for anybody in the world. I currently have clients in America and Canada. I enjoy creating adult video trailers, title sequences, as well as editing the full length movies. You can now also "Like" my Facebook page too Adult Video Editor

Monday, 20 June 2011

Who's Boobs Are These - Now FREE

After concidering my learning experience, I have decided to make Who's Boobs are These  - a free android porn app to download.  I think I was a bit to eager to get an android porn app out there and I may of rushed into it a little bit.  I've realised that I can make this app much better by spending more time adding mor photos, sound, maybe some music, and make the background a little better.

I will take my time to make Who's Boobs are These version 2 alot better

Download Who's Boobs are These FREE now.

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